Nearby - Les Tours de Merle

Around Tours de Merle

The Xaintrie area has many gems to offer visitors... an outstanding territory with a strong identity! Discover our fun activities, history, nature and our tasty specialties…


Discover the Xaintrie area

Near Tours de Merle, take some time to visit and enjoy Xaintrie and its unspoilt landscapes, its architecture and lakes…

Where to eat?

Our cuisine is authentic, made with top quality local ingredients, found on the menus of our restaurants! 

les fermes

Medieval sites

The Tours de Merle marked the history of Xaintrie. There are both old and recent traces of this history, all around the area. 

Where to stay ?

Looking for a place to stay ? Here are our suggestions, for all types of accommodation! 


Corrèze is a ramblers’ paradise ! We have selected 4 hiking paths for you, near Tours de Merle. Enjoy !