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Terms of use


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Photos : Mairie Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle, ADRT  Corrèze, CRT Limousin, Conservatoire d'Espaces Naturels du Limousin, Centre Permanent d'Initiatives pour Bernard Bardi, Josselin Mathiaud, Gilles Bergeal, Romann Ramshorn, Association Pomme du Limousin, Jennifer Michel, Michel Boyer, La Ferme des Histoires mélangées, Gérard d'Alboy, Malika Turin, Cécile Pénaud, Jacqueline Goût, Graziella Cristiani, Les Chevaliers d'Odon, la Gaillard Académie, Michel Barataud.


Copying any or all contents from the toursdemerle.fr website for publication purposes (texts, illustrations, downloadable documents…) without written permission from Mairie de Saint Geniez-ô-Merle and collaborators is strictly prohibited.

Link policy

You must obtain permission in order to post links towards toursdemerle.fr website, (except for search indexation purposes). All external links found on toursdemerle.fr website were obtained with consent from their editors.  However, “Mairie de Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle” cannot be held responsible for contents nor for the websites’ proper functioning. Internet users who choose to follow these links do so at their own discretion.  
“Comité Régional du Tourisme du Limousin” has established a partnership and technical convention designating admissible collaborations and applicable technical terms and conditions.


Toursdemerle.fr aims to inform internet users about the Tours de Merle site and history. Despite the care put into updating the website, certain information might not be up to date.  “Mairie de Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle” and its partners cannot be held responsible for information that has not been updated on the website.  

Protection of personal and confidential information

The information internet users supply when interacting on the toursdemerle.fr website are stored by “Mairie de Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle” and its tourism partners, in compliance with applicable recommendations.  This personal information is neither given nor sold to third parties. It is stored to enable private exchanges between the internet user and “Mairie de Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle” as well as its collaborators.
In compliance with the French « informatique et libertés » law voted on January 6th 1978, internet users are free to access and modify their personal information. To do so, they can simply contact “Mairie de Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle” – Tourism Department, 19220 SAINT-GENIEZ-Ô-MERLE.
Internet users may also refuse for their personal information to be processed, for legitimate reasons.

Publication manager

Madame Corinne BOUSSU, Mayor of Saint-Geniez-ô-Merle